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Looking for Me: Jussie Smollett, A Place for Wolves and my family, by Charlie, Age 16

It's hard to be a Black Seminole in Florida. Accroding to the Seminole Tribe of Florida website's FAQs, the term 'Black Seminole' "is a misnomer that sometimes confuses more than it explains." I looked up 'misnomer' in the dictionary. It means "a wrong or inaccurate name or designation." Yet that's what many of us call ourselves--like our ancestors did.

The Tribal webpage quotes African American historian Kenneth Porter who describes Black Seminoles as "Those people of African origin who attached themselves voluntarily to the Seminoles or were purchased by them as slaves. The were permitted by the Seminoles to make their camps close by the Seminole camps, and, in return, shared agricultural produce with the Indians. A few of them gained prominence among the Seminole because of their ability to translate. At least one, Abraham, was a "sense bearer" or spokesman for Micanopy, a hereditary micco or civic leader."

That le…