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WE ARE WATER PROTECTORS, by Carole Lindstrom & illustrated by Michaela Goade--a group review

We are water protectors.
Our sacred place is the Everglades.
We go tubing down the Ichetucknee and dive in Blue Springs.
We fill cups and mugs with water all day long to keep us hydrated and well in the Florida weather.
This is our small poem. But Anishinabe/M├ętis author Carole Lindstrom goes much farther in her lyrical picture book WE ARE WATER PROTECTORS, stunningly illustrated by Tlingit Michaela Goade.

Alexis, 20: The book begins with the line: "Water is the first medicine. Nokomis told me." In the glossary, we learn Nokomis means 'Grandmother' in Ojibwe.

Ashleigh, 13:  I love that picture of the girl and gramma standing in the water together running it through their fingers. All the different shades of blue from the waves to the sky.

Charlie, 17: I like this: "The river's rhythm runs through my veins. Runs through my people's veins." I also like the clear gaze of the Anishinabe girl. She looks directly at the reader. So many times, with issue…