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Truth & Love: Dr. Debbie Reese's 2019 Arbuthnot Lecture

Rewatching Debbie Reese’s Arbuthnot lecture, “An Indigenous Critique of Whiteness in Children’s Literature”

By Alexis, 19, Eduardo, 19, Michael, 17, Charlie, 16 and Ashleigh, 13 (We start watching the lecture again, stopping the video, taking notes and texting)

Eduardo: There is a bit missing at the beginning, but it comes in just in time for Ms. Debbie to talk about teaching kindergarten and first grade.
Alexis: Ms. Debbie shares photos of reading to her daughter. “We read A LOT.” So important for Indigenous elders and children to share books, which is why AICL is the best resource.
Ashleigh: There she is! She looks so beautiful and such a warm voice.
Eduardo: In 1993, her family moved on campus and encountered a racist ‘Indian’ mascot. “Trying to understand why people were so moved by that clearly ridiculous image changed me. I started studying and talking about Native depictions in children’s books.”
Alexis: Her daughter Liz pointed out to a teacher that a book with Native representation …